Retirement Savings vs. Retirement Income… What’s Better?

Both my wife and I have backgrounds in finance, so it goes without saying that we raise our sons with a keen awareness of how to handle their personal finances.  Each has four jars.  One is their spending jar, one is for short-term savings, one for long-term savings (i.e. never spent) and one for charity.  The jar both boys struggle with is their long-term savings jar.  “Why can’t we ever spend it?” is their most common grievance.  Well, because that’s for your retirement.  Being under the age of 15, this concept totally escapes them!Retirement savings jar

The most important aspect about this “retirement savings jar” that I want you to understand is that… it is finite!  Once you open it up and spend down your savings, it’s gone for good and there is no getting it back.  Unfortunately for many retirees, they will outlive their retirement savings.  For our clients, we have strategies which keep that from being their story.  Do you know what your story is?

Here’s an idea… take your “retirement savings jar” and turn it into a retirement income generator.  Income that will be consistent (every month), continuous (guaranteed for the rest of your life), and still enjoy gains when the market gains, but will NOT LOSE value when the market declines.   If this sounds too good to be true, then you really need to talk to one of our retirement advisors soon, because YES it’s true and YES, it’s what we’ve done every day for thousands of Georgians for the past 20-years.


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