Retirement Expectations vs. Reality… Stop The Stress!

Expectations, even the word sounds stressful – hearing the word “expect” means that I may have to take action! Just the thought of the unknown causes stress and stress is the number one cause of major illnesses. Stress causes depression, anxiety, pain, heart issues, digestive problems and sleep problems… just to name a few. Worrying about whether or not you’ll be able to pay your monthly bills, worrying about paying for unforeseen expenses, and worrying if your spouse will be able to continue living the same lifestyle after you’re gone are the top concerns we see daily when meeting with our clients.
What we do is retirement planning… what we achieve for our clients is reducing their stress of worrying about their financial future. I’ll be truthful here, sometimes the outcome is not as positive as others – but what is truly important for every one that meets with us – is that they walk away with a clear picture of what their financial future in retirement could be.
This “snapshot” of their future gives our clients a chance to make adjustments now, and we show how those adjustments can affect their financial future positively. Yes, some may have to give up their $7 daily Venti size caramel mocha coffee, or curb their obsession for the next big tech item, but understand that the money you can save today will help fund your future retirement income – and can for the rest of your life.
So ask yourself… is this Venti drink or tech toy worth it? Begin by thinking that whatever you’re spending on… can you do it / have it less expensively? Can I put this money aside to ensure that my retirement expectations are met? Of course you can, and we can show you how to make your expectations your retirement reality. Call us for a “Stress Free” Retirement Consultation and we’ll give you a complimentary copy of best-selling author Patrick Kelly’s book “Stress Free Retirement”.
For a free copy of “My Retirement Kit”, call 770-641-7771. This kit will guide you through questions that will start your retirement conversation with a financial advisor.
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