Prepping For The Next Market “Correction”

“Preppers” or people who prepare for a cataclysmic environmental event, spend tens of thousands of dollars in freeze dried foods, underground shelters and stand-alone utilities… all in preparation for surviving the ultimate doomsday.  The rest of us?   Well we’re just going to have to survive it… or not.

Luckily for many of us, preparing for the next cataclysmic financial event is much easier… both physically and financially.  Financially, the only preparation you need in order to protect your retirement assets is to park your hard-earned money in a safe-growth strategy.  One that will also grow when the market grows (and yes what went down must also go up), an investment that you can draw a lifetime income from and one that has built in coverage for long-term care and assisted living; and luckily, right now the market is bourgeoning with investment strategies that perform exactly like that!  The question is which path is right for you?

Physically… well here’s the tough part (ahem).  Yes, you will have to get out of the house and yes you will have meet with a retirement advisor a couple of times for a few hours.  I know, I know!  It’s a tough deal, but someone has to take the first step, and that person is you!  One of my mantras that I often say on my radio show “Successful Retirement”, is that you are responsible for the economy between the four walls of your home.  That means YOU will have to pick up a phone and schedule a meeting, and yes you will have to consider investment options, and yes you will have to make a decision!  Here’s a big caution SIGN… Don’t wait long!


Traditionally, if the market is going to “take a correction” it will happen in the autumn.  Why?  No one really knows the answer to that question, but what’s important for you to understand is that you DO need to prepare for the next crash. Whether it happens next month or next year, our mission is to help you protect what you’ve worked your entire career to save.  We truly want you to retire when you want, doing the things you love, where you want to be doing them and with the person or people that you love!  After one meeting, it’s really that simple to be a “retirement prepper”!

For a free copy of “My Retirement Kit”, call 770-641-7771.  This kit will guide you through questions that will start your retirement conversation with a financial advisor.

For details on this and other retirement strategies, tune into “Successful Retirement with Jack Browne” Sunday at 5 pm on News/Talk WSB 95.5 fm and 750 am.

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