How The Game Of Golf Is Like Retirement

Ask any golfer, be it pro or hacker; their golf game is always on their mind… at least in the back of their mind.  Whether it be the last game they played or the next, we all replay or imagine our swing, the lie and our short game.  Last weekend while playing my favorite course, it occurred to me that the game of golf is a lot like retirement planning.

Getting A Coach To Teach The Finer Points

When I first started playing golf I just went out on my own and started hitting a ball around.  It wasn’t until later that I got a coach to teach me the basics of the game.  As a newcomer to the game in my 30’s I only generally knew the concept of the game.  My coach introduced me to the finer points of my grip, my swing and the mental aspects of the game.  A retirement coach serves much the same purpose.  We all know the general concept of retirement… relax and do what we want, when we want, where we want and with whom we want.  The finer aspects of “how do we actually fund our retirement”, comes from a pro… a retirement advisor.  Just as I got coaching from a golf pro, a financial advisor like me is there to guide you through the finer points of planning your retirement, from guaranteeing lifetime income to long-term care and establishing a lasting legacy for your loved ones.  Take advantage of your retirement coach’s advice and time to establish your retirement foundation.

Play Your Lie

This is acutely important for all golfers… play your lie.  You make shank your ball off into the rough, yet your second shot is when and where you can get back on track toward the green.  Many of us throughout our lives have “life happen” to us… an unexpected job loss or unforeseen major expense where we’ve had to tap into our retirement funds.  Just like our second shot in golf, this is the time where we must accept the reality of “the lie of our ball” and know exactly where we are.  Then we must look up to re-consider our strategy to get to the green… our envisioned retirement.  This is a critical juncture in the retirement planning process and it’s critical to get advice from your retirement coach at this point in time.  They can help you redirect your efforts, if needed, to ensure you have the retirement you’ve spent a lifetime saving for.


A Game Of Patience

Once you’re on the green it’s a game of patience.  It’s the time when you have to “be the ball” as said by Ty Webb (Chevy Chase) in the classic movie “Caddyshack”. As you near retirement this is another critical point in retirement planning, your end game – or getting the ball in the hole!  It’s about putting on the finishing touches, making any further adjustments and ensuring that you and your family are taken care for the rest of your lifetime.  Your retirement coach should be right there with you, guiding you to the 19th hole!

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