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Should We Be Paying Attention To The 7-Year & 40 Year Stock Market Cycles?

When you look at our recent past, let’s say the last 50 years, you begin to realize that yes there is a 7- year cycle to the stock market.  Back in 1966 – it was the US Credit Crisis, in 1973 – the Oil Crisis, in 1980 – the S&L... Read More >

Top Ten Scams That Target Seniors

In today’s world every senior should be aware of and protect themselves against appalling crimes targeting seniors.  Even if you don’t have a computer in today’s digital age, its even more important.  If approached by phone, computer or in person, check with a trusted family member or friend before you... Read More >

Going The Distance In Retirement

Even though the Olympics are over, to me nothing says Olympics like the track and field events, after all most of the modern events are based on events from the Ancient Greek Olympics.  As the sportscasters began to ramp up for track and field, they all seemed to have one... Read More >

Lessons Learned From The Olympics About Your Retirement

I’m ready!  For the next sixteen days, and as much as possible, I will be glued to (or recording) the Olympic Games.  I love the spectacle of competition, watching the drama unfold and I really like the back stories of the Olympic athletes.  One athlete I’ll watch closely is Michael... Read More >

It’s That Time Of Year Again!

Here in Georgia, the end of July doesn’t mean summer is half way over… it means SCHOOL IS STARTING!  To the chagrin of children in grades K-12, to the angst of the college bound and to the delight of parents and grandparents everywhere… SCHOOL IS STARTING! It’s the time when... Read More >

Is It Time To Protect Your Gains?

Nine continuous days of gains on Wall Street… Nine days of record setting heights… Nine days of excitement… then “bam” back to reality.  I love this quote on investing from Jack Bogle, founder of The Vanguard Group, “The mistakes we make as investors is when the market’s going up, we... Read More >

Common Sense For Your 401(k)’s

As we approach retirement age, (and let’s face it, we will ALL eventually get there) maximizing our 401(k) accounts becomes even more critical than ever, especially 401(k)’s that you left with previous employers.  If you are within 10 years of retirement, looking at how your 401(k) accounts are allocated should... Read More >

Britain Says See EU Later…What Does This Mean For Your Retirement?

Yesterday 52% of Britons voted to end their participation in the European Union, resulting in the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron and causing markets to plunge around the globe.  As the fifth-largest economy, England’s role as a global financial powerhouse is in jeopardy with economists predicting a self-inflicted recession... Read More >