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Have you heard about WealthGuard?

People ask me if there are any ways to protect my assets when they are in the market.  The answer is that if you’re in the market you are exposed to potential loss.  But, there is a way to help minimize any losses and be positioned to get back in... Read More >

Are You Ready To Take Your RMD?

Let me quote straight from the IRS on what an RMD – Required Minimum Distribution is and when you must take it… “Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) generally are minimum amounts that a retirement plan account owner must withdraw annually starting with the year that he or she reaches 70 ½... Read More >

Top Tax Tips For Retirement

The end of the year is in sight.  I know it when I see the first holiday decoration… yes the end of the year is near.  Pretty soon I’m going to see Christmas decorations at CostCo before the pool even opens for the summer.  But for now, it’s the time... Read More >

How The Game Of Golf Is Like Retirement

Ask any golfer, be it pro or hacker; their golf game is always on their mind… at least in the back of their mind.  Whether it be the last game they played or the next, we all replay or imagine our swing, the lie and our short game.  Last weekend... Read More >

September 2016 News – The Wells Fargo Scandal & Your Retirement

5 years of dishonest practices, 565,443 credit card accounts opened without customers’ knowledge or consent, $400,000 in fees and interest charges, $5 million in customer refunds, $185 million dollars in fines and 5300 employees let go.  Wow!  The extent of bad practices and no accountability by corporate America just seems... Read More >

Prepping For The Next Market “Correction”

“Preppers” or people who prepare for a cataclysmic environmental event, spend tens of thousands of dollars in freeze dried foods, underground shelters and stand-alone utilities… all in preparation for surviving the ultimate doomsday.  The rest of us?   Well we’re just going to have to survive it… or not. Luckily for... Read More >

Retirement Expectations vs. Reality… Stop The Stress!

Expectations, even the word sounds stressful – hearing the word “expect” means that I may have to take action! Just the thought of the unknown causes stress and stress is the number one cause of major illnesses. Stress causes depression, anxiety, pain, heart issues, digestive problems and sleep problems… just... Read More >

Retirement Savings vs. Retirement Income… What’s Better?

Both my wife and I have backgrounds in finance, so it goes without saying that we raise our sons with a keen awareness of how to handle their personal finances.  Each has four jars.  One is their spending jar, one is for short-term savings, one for long-term savings (i.e. never... Read More >