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Albertson Financial is an independent, retirement-specific financial planning firm based out of Atlanta, Georgia. We have been helping Georgia residents retire successfully since 1996. Our advisors are committed to our clients, and as fiduciaries, we provide our clients with customized investment strategies that focus on preserving capital and generating income to meet or exceed their lifestyle during retirement. We believe that planning for your retirement is an area of specialty and requires precise attention to complex and interrelated issues. Since we specialize in helping clients that are retirees and those approaching retirement, we have developed many diverse strategies to help you achieve the successful retirement you deserve and aligns with your goals.

We address Social Security maximization, generating income from investments, reducing risk, helping limit loss with tools such as WealthGuard™, and achieving added peace of mind for a retirement free from financial stress.

We consult with our clients to provide them with a plan that ensures that they will not run out of money during retirement.

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