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Critical Steps To Take For Retirement Planning

Many people avoid seeing a financial or retirement advisor, because they are afraid of being chastised for not saving enough money or assets. The truth is that it is not about how much you save, but about how much you spend. You will never know how close you are to your dream retirement until you have your retirement conversation with an advisor.

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Want to Turn Retirement Dreams Into the Real Deal?

When you were in your teens you probably had large plans for your life. You dreamed, you received an education, and you discovered your first passion. Next came (possibly) meeting the love of your life and having a family.

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Are You Prepared to Ride the Volatility Rollercoaster?

Should you be worried about the market? Should you be all in? Should you get out while you’re ahead? Is the market going up even more? Is it about to crash? Before you answer, ask yourself the most important question of all: “What is the proper amount of risk for my age and retirement circumstance?”

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The Market Isn't Waiting For You

“The markets are up, 15,296 in the Dow and 1,683 in the S&P. The NASDAQ is at3,718 as I am writing this. These are at the top of the market, which is very good news if you’ve been riding the market from March 2009 till now.”

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Combatting Low Interest Rates in Retirement

Let’s face it, if you’re retired it would be nice to speculate in the market and take advantage of those days where you see the market up high and be smart enough to not be there when the market dips low. When you are retired, you are depending on your money to provide you with the lifestyle you have been living, but for the rest of your time here.

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Maybe It’s Time to Let Your Wife Drive

The female viewpoint is a little more cautious about potential financial peril. In general, women will actually look at the map when driving and are willing to ask for directions. It seems this is true for both driving and planning retirement.

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Retirement Planning in the New Normal

In November 2007, “Bill” is getting ready to retire. After a severe downturn in his portfolio in 2000, 2001, and 2002, Bill has finally recovered most losses.

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Guaranteed, Guaranteed, Guaranteed Retirement Income!!!

If you are retired or may soon retire, the preservation and protection of your retirement savings is critical.

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